what my 8 month old eats in a day...

Y'all, this little boy can EAT. I literally feel like my job description has shifted to "professional feeder". From 7am until bed time is solely feeding this tiny person and trying to keep him quiet so that I can get some sort of work done. Sigh.

No day is the same in terms of his feeding schedule and meal choice. Some days he wants mostly bottle feeds, other days, he wants to eat everything in sight in preparation for hibernation. The beauty of this developmental stage is that its solely trial and error. At this stage I'm mostly focusing on what foods he likes and what he dislikes, as well as detecting any food allergies early on. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to have any food allergens or intolerances, and he pretty much enjoys everything prepared for him. The only thing he HATES is peas, and like his pediatrician says, "have you tasted those? Who wouldn't hate them?" and honestly, points were made.

Typically, Kaylen is awake between 7-8am each day. At that hour it's too early for him to want to eat but he still wants something, if that makes sense. Around this time he has his first bottle of the day. After his first bottle he's usually up until about 10am and then it's the first nap of the day. By this time, I'm ready to go back to bed.


Once Kaylen is awake from his first nap, breakfast is usually waiting for him...(I aspire to be him). Today he had:

  • Dr. Praeger's Oaties Blueberry Oatmeal French Sticks

  • Hard Boiled Egg w/ ketchup

  • Turkey Link Sausage

  • Apple Slices

After breakfast, he usually has playtime for about 2-3 hours or until he's exhausted (this child can go for hours now without a nap. Pray for me).


After he FINALLY shows signs of exhaustion, he would normally have another bottle before nap time. On a good day if I'm lucky, he naps for about two hours. This gives me time to figure out what to give him as a snack

As his afternoon snack he had:

  • 1/2 flour tortilla

  • diced strawberries

  • diced banana

After snack time he has a cup of water that almost always ends with half of the water in the catch all section of his feeding bibs. We're still working on trying to get him to drink more water...from HIS cup. He thinks everyone else's cup is his and prefers "big people" cups, LOL.

After snack time I've already accepted the fact that he probably won't go down for a nap so he usually plays until bed time. At this time in the day he goes in his walker to burn off some energy, and I burn calories having to chase him away from creating messes. I don't know how he moves so fast in that thing.


Lunch time is usually an hour after playtime. This is usually the lightest meal of the day because he's either snacking throughout the day, or he's still satisfied from the meal before. Lunch is mainly a bottle or a small serving of vegetable puree. Today, he had a bottle after his snack time.


In a perfect world, I try to have his dinner ready by 7pm, 7:30 at the very latest. He's usually in bed by 9pm, so it's important that I try to stay within that time frame in preparation for bed. Dinner usually consists of a: starch, protein and vegetable (or vegetable puree). Tonight he had:

  • Mashed Potatoes

  • Chicken in Gravy

  • Sweet Potato Puree

After dinner, he has his nighttime routine. Depending on how satisfied he is from dinner he would sometimes have a bottle of tea over a bottle of milk. Mint or Dill Seed has been our go-to. This sets the mood for bedtime aka my favorite time of day.

Note: every child is different, what may work for my family may not be practical for your family. The idea is to gain inspiration for your little ones. The best advice is to, be creative and allow your kids to get involved where they can; there's a good chance they will want to eat what they've made.

If this has helped you, I'd love to know how you incorporate a few of these ideas into your day! Also, I'd love to see your recreation of any meals you try. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @themomcollective_


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