Oh, Christmas Treats!

The holidays are a time for making memories with those you love, laughing until you're crying and making yummy treats (and maybe even gaining a few pounds and adding, "diet" as part of your New Years Resolutions). For kids, the same can be said. They look forward to being on holiday to spend time with family and friends and practically stuffing their faces with heap loads of snacks while waiting for dinner. This year, I'm popping into your homes to give you yummy holiday recipes that the entire family can enjoy. Whether you make them with family at your annual Holiday Baking night, for your kids to enjoy while they're at home or even for yourself, with very little ingredients and just a few steps, these recipes are sure to satisfy the taste buds of all the little elves in your life and I am certain that they will be asking for myrrh!

Holiday Bark

The first kid friendly recipe is so delicious, it can be made year round! Chocolate Bark is such a versatile and yummy snack that can be enjoyed by everyone. Load it up with your favourite treats that are appropriate to any season and this is sure to be a showstopper at any event or enjoyed at home with the family.

Rudolph Rice Krispie Treats

Okay, so I have never met a kid that doesn't like Rice Krispie Treats. Shoot, I love Rice Krispie Treats just as much as the kids, LOL! This is the perfect little treat for kids while watching their favourite Holiday movie. They also make for the perfect quick and easy treats to gift to their friends and also show off their skills in the kitchen!

Animal Style Holiday Popcorn

It was a MUST that I saved my personal favorite for last. Animal Style Popcorn changed my life, truly. The buttery popcorn pairing so deliciously with chocolate, peppermint AND M&M's?!? Honestly, a moment. The perfect Movie Night snack to enjoy with family or alone (I would quite literally prefer the latter, though). I wanna make a bowl right this second and watch a Hallmark movie, but it's currently 12 midnight, and well the goal is to only play the role of Santa this year and not exactly look like him. Woe is me. But, I will be making it again very soon, like tomorrow. LOL!

I hope that you've gained some inspiration to make the most out of this holiday season enjoying experiences with family and making new memories that will last a lifetime. As always, tag me if you recreate any of these yummy treats, I would LOVE seeing you and your family's take on them!

May this holiday season bring lots of laughter, amazing memories and overwhelming joy to your home.

Happy Holidays,

From my family to yours!

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