Kaylen's 1st Halloween. . .

A lot of "first's" have been happening these days. There was no question about whether or not I would dress Kaylen up at least twice during October. And well, I did. Kaylen went to bed as Batman one night during October, LOL! He will thank me later for staying true to the season and its festivities.

Aside from Covid being a real factor as to why some events may have been halted this year, there's also not much festivities for kids, in particular baby or toddler friendly ones in the country. My initial plan was to simply get photos of Kaylen in his costume and wait for next year for us to celebrate. However, Island House had other plans. I found a flyer for a Trick or Treat Halloween Festival being put on at the Market at The Island House literally in the knick of time. Kaylen already had a costume weeks in advance, we didn't have any plans until I saw the ad of course. With no hesitation, I knew this would be our hangout spot the eve of Halloween.

Once we arrived at the Market we were greeted with fog machines, Halloween props and a whole lot of candy at the candy station. Kaylen was given a party bag which began his trick or treating festivities. I filled his bags with an assortment of candies that he cannot eat but, memories. And well, all that meant was more for me. After receiving his bag, we had an impromptu shoot. Duh!

After the mini shoot we caught up with Kaylen's godbrothers who were the cutest Mario & Luigi duo. We spent quite a while playing and chatting with the other parents and trick or treaters. It was so refreshing being around adults with kids. Being able to bond with those going through a similar journey as you are is always nice.


After a bit of playtime we headed over to Mahogany Pizza for a quick bite. We ordered the Classic Caesar Salad and one of the tastiest subs I've ever had, Kaylen also couldn't wait to dig in, as usual. The sub was a toasted baguette with slices of ham, topped with mozzarella, arugula, tomatoes and grainy mustard. It was super filling and satisfying. Kaylen also enjoyed the arugula which was a pleasant surprise.

After lunch Kaylen was still filled with energy, so I figured why not extend playtime that way I was sure that he'd be knocked out in the car. We went over to the life-sized connect four and played with the other kids. Y'all, in Kaylen's head he's like ten. He did pretty well trying to keep up with the toddlers, not gonna lie. He had a blast interacting with all of the kids that were there. He also had fun pulling my sunglasses off and trying to put them on himself. They matched his tiger suit pretty well and he took full advantage of that.

After a few hours of playtime had pass we decided that our last stop of the day would be for some Halloween themed gelato curated by The Market. They had an amazing 2-for-1 gelato special for everyone dressed in costumes. Of course my little trick-or-treater puts the tricks in trick or treating; Kaylen wanted to dig in immediately! Honestly, I can't blame him, it was that good y'all. Kaylen and I indulged in the Halloween Surprise gelato. Creamy, multicolored dyed gelato is always a pleasant treat. Due to the special, we paid only four bucks for quality gelato that tasted like it was flown in from the heart of Italy. It was definitely the perfect end of day treat!

By this time, Kaylen was more than ready for his afternoon nap. Our Halloween festivities ended around 4pm with a slumped, milk wasted baby. All in all, I think Kaylen really enjoyed his first Halloween. Super pumped for next year.

Here's to more costumes, more candy and more adventures with you, my Alex.


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