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Who remembers the excitement that you had the night before the first day of school when packing your school bag? Different highlighters, colored folders, a cute binder, folder sheets and the infamous Pilot pens all on deck. And for the obsessive planner, a timetable was a MUST! Now we all know we really only enjoyed the excitement of new tings rather than the actual work that came along with the first day of school. Don't even get me started on math and the fact that Pythagoras Theorem has YET come into play with real life happenings. Anyway, I digress. Who would have ever thought we would be longing for the chance to relive that feeling again? Shoot, some of us would even take the loads of homework that came with it over the ghetto that is adulting...

Staying organized and sticking to timelines have been even more crucial than before for our kids who are venturing into the virtual school world. Weekly timetables and schedules are the perfect tool for staying on track this school year. I’ve created free printable timetables for you and your kids to use as a guide for getting things done this school year. The fridge is perfect place to stick these cuties up to start your days. After all, it’s one of our most used/visited piece in our home! Praying for a successful school year for you all!

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Hi there! I’m Lynnaé Fowler, mom of one precious boy (Kaylen). I’m a skilled baker, marketer and entrepreneur. A strong believer of God which has made parenting a whole lot easier. We’re currently thriving off of coffee, many prayers and winging it in these parenting streets...

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