fall-ing for fall foods

Picture it,

You wake up one morning in late September, throw on your fuzzy bedroom slippers and head to your bedroom window. Next, you draw your curtains only to see the leaves that were once a rich emerald green have now changed to beautiful shades of orange, amber and brown. The air is crisp, the wind caressing your cheeks with a gentle kiss. You head to your Keurig (or Starbucks) for your Pumpkin Spice Latte fix and why not throw in a pumpkin spiced pastry since we're already indulging ourselves.

The leaves that you saw when you first got up are now crackling under the force of your Hunter rainboots and they are now competing musically with Coldplay that is on repeat. After a pretty productive and gloomy day at work, you head on home to continue on with the fall theme and whip up dinner. Only to realize, you don't have any produce. Now, you're headed to the grocery in search of produce that is deemed "fall appropriate" only to realize that you have no clue what the first produce on that list looks like. Oddly enough after scrolling, you end up on The Mom Collective's page where there's a fall produce listing attached ever so conveniently for you to refer to while at the grocery store.

After using this listing and cutting your grocery store time in half, you now head home, whip up dinner, run a warm bath and of course light "Firestick & Chill" by GD. Candle Co. while listening to the iconic Lauren Hill.

Now that I have created the most perfect moment for you in your head, why not gain some inspo and make that your fall reality? The amount of soups that I plan to create from this list should be a crime. I love the warmth of spices, aromas and flavors that fall brings each year. From the tart flavor of apples, to the hearty flavors of pumpkin soup that feels like a big warm hug. Fall is hands down my favorite time of year for obvious reasons and this year is even better as I will have a little human to dress up for Halloween *insert ugly Kim K crying face here*! Be on the lookout for all things Halloween related with Kaylen and I very soon. It's about to be ghoul (cool). My mom jokes are insufferable.

Side note: It’s important to consume what’s in season not only because it’s cheaper in stores (big win), but it also allows nature to reset and recharge herself for the unfolding of each season.

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