Coffee & Conversation: Holiday in the life of a Content Creating Mom"

Our Family Christmas

Written By: Apryl Sands (Autymn’s Mom)

The holidays are a special time for many. From tree shopping, to adorning the home with bright lights, cozy pillows, blankets and a whole lot of cheer.

This year, I wanted to dive deeper into what Christmas means for different households. I had the privilege of speaking with a few moms and experienced the holidays from their family's perspective. From new traditions, holidays in the life of the busy, content creating mom, to multicultural family holidays these moms gave me a full look into how they are spending their holiday.

This year, a focus of mine has been content creating. I will happily be one of many to say that this is an extremely time consuming passion and livelihood for a lot of us. From planning content, to writing to executing, as soon as you know it, one week has come to a close and then another and before you blink, it's Christmastime. It was really important for me to speak to content creating moms like myself to have an inside look as to how they manage it all without catapulting off the edge and shamelessly get some tips and tricks from them as well, cause who am I kidding, ya girl NEEDS IT!

I had the amazing honor of catching up with Apryl Sands, public relations extraordinaire. The . Apryl literally does it all so effortlessly while managing a beautiful baby girl. Apryl spills the tea about how she manages the busyness of the holiday season in her household and I am super excited for you all to get an inside look with me.

You are truly in for a treat hearing from these amazing moms their take on the holidays. Sit back with a glass of hot coffee, cocoa or egg nog (if we're feeling really festive) and enjoy!

As a child, I can vividly remember how special Christmas was for our family. In my very early years I can remember bragging about sledding down the snow , in Boston Massachusetts, a day after witnessing a blizzard- a true “flex” for an island girl, right?! Traveling had become a tradition for my mother and I during the holidays. Each year we would travel to a new place. This tradition made

Christmas special for me as a child, and now that I have my daughter, I look forward to creating those kinds of memories with her as well.

Autymn’s birthday is just 2 ½ weeks away from Christmas day, which means my entire schedule for the month of December is crazy. It’s no secret, that December is already one of the busiest times of the

year, and I made a commitment very early on, as a mother, that I would not make Christmas into an

excuse as to why we can’t give Autymn a fair and special birthday.

This year, I began the planning process for her birthday in the middle part of September. However it

wouldn’t be until the later part of November that I would start strategizing some ideas. I have to admit,

Autymns godparents and some of my family members were very actively involved in helping me plan

her party this year. We brainstormed over phone calls and we shared our thoughts through texts, but in

the end, we centered Autymn’s birthday around a “Bakeshop” theme. We bought gingerbread cookies

for the kids to decorate, and I gave myself the overwhelming task of baking Autymn’s birthday cake

completely from scratch. We wanted Autymn and her friends to feel like they had just walked into a big

sugarland factory, so we made plans for the entire living room to be swamped in pastel colored

balloons, that were shaped like lollipops and cupcakes. After executing a successful birthday party, we

quickly took down over 300 balloons and turned off all six LED letters of Autymn’s name and hauled our

six foot three Christmas tree in our living room, and began decorating for Christmas.

In recent times, Christmas has become a lot more ‘jubilant’ for my family. Compared to the years before, we have become more active in our planning, and we have become more competitive in our gift buying. Safe to say, in the past two years we have turned things around for our holidays – and Autymn has become our reason for falling back in love with the season.

Currently I am working as a Public Relations officer at a private bank, and I usually work from home

(depending on whether or not I want to go into the office). This means that Autymn and I spend a lot of

days together. In the mornings after I make Autymn her breakfast, I usually turn on the TV for her to

watch Miss Monica’s Circle Time. Miss Monica operates a virtual classroom and I’ve watched Autymn

learn from her videos on colors, numbers, and shapes. I enjoy the variation of her day to day videos, and

I love starting the day with something educational for Autymn. This also gives me time to prepare myself

for the week and day ahead.

So far, we have already decorated our entire downstairs area in red and gold. Every gift under the tree, as of right now, is for Autymn. And I’m hoping actually to buy her more! On Christmas day my plan is to sit down with her, my mother, and my boyfriend and talk to her about the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. I take prayer serious as a mother, and I usually read Bible stories with Autymn before bed, so

It’s important for me to also teach her the reason behind celebrating Christmas. Despite how young she is, I believe she is highly intelligent.

The morning of Christmas, I plan to make breakfast for everyone. Later in the day we will have a family lunch with more family members, and then later we will go by my boyfriends family and spend time with them. Family time is obviously important for us, as this is one of a few times for the year we get to see and meet everyone.

I can genuinely say, Christmas is not going to be the same anymore, now that Autymn is here. As a child my mom made it special for me, and I want to do the same for her. I want her to always look forward to Christmas and family time. For now, she is an only child (like I was) and I want her to feel overwhelmed with love and joy. Christmas time for me, is about love, joy, and memories and that’s exactly what I will make sure it is for Autymn, for the rest of her life.

My advice to other Moms:

Time and planning can be extremely vital as a mom. We all have goals and ideas of what we expect to

do in the process of raising our children, however it is critical to be patient with ourselves during this

time - we are learning, and it’s also important to remember balance in everything. Balamce your own

fun and your own life -because when you are fundamentally happy it helps you to process decisions in a

more healthy way for your children as well.

Happy Holidays from my home to yours!



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