Coffee & Conversation: "Holiday in the life of a Content Creating Mom"

The holidays are a special time for many. From tree shopping, to adorning the home with bright lights, cozy pillows, blankets and a whole lot of cheer.

This year, I wanted to dive deeper into what Christmas means for different households. I had the privilege of speaking with a few moms and experienced the holidays from their family's perspective. From new traditions, holidays in the life of the busy, content creating mom, to multicultural family holidays these moms gave me a full look into how they are spending their holiday.

This year, a focus of mine has been content creating. I will happily be one of many to say that this is an extremely time consuming passion and livelihood for a lot of us. From planning content, to writing to executing, as soon as you know it, one week has come to a close and then another and before you blink, it's Christmastime. It was really important for me to speak to content creating moms like myself to have an inside look as to how they manage it all without catapulting off the edge and shamelessly get some tips and tricks from them as well, cause who am I kidding, ya girl NEEDS IT!

I had the amazing honor of catching up with Ianthia Ferguson, social media extraordinaire. The Naomi of social media to be quite honest. Ianthia literally does it all so effortlessly while managing a beautiful baby girl. Ianthia spills the tea about how she manages the busyness of the holiday season in her household and I am super excited for you all to get an inside look with me.

You are truly in for a treat hearing from these amazing moms their take on the holidays. Sit back with a glass of hot coffee, cocoa or egg nog (if we're feeling really festive) and enjoy!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and in the Ferguson household, the most busy time of the

year as well! I’ve always loved Christmastime; the food, the outings, the family time, the energy is

just always so loving and festive this time of year. This is our second Christmas as a family of

three and now that our baby is a toddler, I can surely say that things have definitely changed from

last year to this year. The family photoshoot was a lot more exciting with a 20-month-old who did

not want to take photos, my annual Christmas playlist has been replace with a Coco Melon mix

and someone took half of the scented pine cones out of the dish and I think I know who the

culprit is.

My husband and I are freelancers and entrepreneurs so the schedule is jam-packed with things to

do and clients to keep happy. Typically, my work as a freelance media specialist spikes during the

holidays. There are tons of Christmas commercials and ads to write and record, more companies

are requesting me to host their end of year productions or events, hubby is busy with a million

Christmas family photoshoots, then there’s planning the family holiday party, buying and wrapping

gifts, decorating house, keeping baby from pulling all the ornaments off the tree; it’s a lot!

But I love that we’ve already started traditions that I hope will live on for years to come like our

Christmas family photoshoot in our matching pajamas and dressed up looks, putting up the

Christmas tree and now that I’ve finally taken the Kitchen Aid out, making our favourite holiday

treats and goodies! These are things I don’t ever want the busyness of the season to ever


I’ve realised that balance is truly the key to keeping things in order and keeping us all sane. This

holiday season, I’m truly focused on creating that balance; saying “yes” when I can and “no”

when I can’t. It’s very easy to take on more than we can handle, in general, but especially during

the holidays. We can easily find ourselves constantly on the go and missing what the season

really is supposed to represent; a time of rest, spending quality time and sitting in your blessings.

So whether it’s a job, a task that I think I “must" do, an event that I’m invited to or even a family

shindig, if it’s going to knock me off balance or be too time consuming, I don’t do it. Again, I love

Christmastime, and I want to enjoy every minute of it. I want to feel relaxed and present for my

family so I carefully choose how much I take on during this time.

I’m also a proponent of leaning on your village as often as you can. Our family is huge, on both

sides, so whenever someone offers to take Faren for the weekend I let them! I’m also not afraid to

ask them for help when I need. So with more work coming in, I’ll definitely be leaning on my

village to help a lot more.

Tis the season where moms can feel overwhelmed and overworked, but we don’t have to be!

Despite the busyness the season brings, let's cherish the real reason for the season. Family, a grateful heart and love. May this season bring you loads of fun, love and laughter to your family and yours.

Coffee + Love + Many Prayers


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