Coffee & Conversation: Holiday Edition "Christmas Traditions as a New Mom"

The holidays are a special time for many. From tree shopping, to adorning the home with bright lights, cozy pillows, blankets and a whole lot of cheer.

This year, I wanted to dive deeper into what Christmas means for different households. I had the privilege of speaking with a few moms and experienced the holidays from their family's perspective. From new traditions, holidays in the life of the busy, content creating mom, to multicultural family holidays these moms gave me a full look into how they are spending their holiday.

As a new mom, it is inevitable that you would have the desire to start new traditions with your kids, whatever that may look like for you and your family. I had the amazing honor to speak with Vernique, a new mom to Tariq, a handsome baby boy. Vernique spills what new traditions she has in mind this year for her and the newest addition to her family.

You are truly in for a treat hearing from these amazing moms their take on the holidays. Sit back with a glass of hot coffee, cocoa or egg nog (if we're feeling really festive) and enjoy!

Throughout the year, I anxiously await the Christmas cheer! This year, the festive season is different for me.

It is my first time celebrating this joyful time as a MOM! My little one brought so much excitement to my life along with sleepless nights, but I wouldn’t trade it. As the holiday season swiftly crept in, I thought about ways to make it a special one. Our list of traditions is still growing but for now, here’s what Tariq and I will enjoy this holiday season!

Oh, little Christmas tree! Fun fact: It was my first time decorating a tree by myself. Although my 4-month-old son may not have the slightest clue what those dangling, flashy decorations are – he will have the photos to remember our first Christmas tree. We went shopping for our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. However, in typical Mom style, baby duties didn’t allow me to decorate the tree until December 1st .

A special ornament for my special guy. I was so excited, over a month before Christmas I ensured I had Tariq’s customized ornament ordered and ready!

‘Tis the season of giving. Tariq and I will donate baby goods and clothing to a charitable organization. He is too young to understand this concept; however, this is one I’d like to evolve and continue during future Christmas seasons.

This and every Christmas, we will enjoy watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. We will engage in these activities as we countdown to December 25th!

Another purchase I remembered to make were the matching pajamas! I’m pretty sure when he reaches his teenage years, this is a tradition he will not be enthusiastic about. For now, I will enjoy it.

It is amazing to experience your baby’s growth in real-time. I consider it very important to document the growth through photos. Annual Christmas photos will definitely be our thing!

Family matters, on Christmas Day we will visit various members of our family (adhering to Covid19 protocols) spreading love and creating beautiful memories.

I encourage new Moms to enjoy the season as they desire. Do not become overwhelmed by all the “expectations”. Simply enjoy you and your loved ones! I’m sending love, peach, and Christmas joy, and to each and every Mom.

Whether you're making new traditions, carrying out old ones or haven't made any as yet, it is my hope that this Christmas is one filled with amazing memories that you all will treasure for a lifetime.

Coffee + Love + Many Prayers


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